Stay Awhile - Digital Album $11.99

Tara's new album Stay Awhile is also available as a CD and Autographed CD - both with 12-page lyric booklet/insert (Scroll down to see CD listing/pricing).


What people are saying about Tara's debut album, Stay Awhile:


"All of the instruments just sound incredible, and your vocals are STUNNING! AND the tunes are so well crafted! This album reminds me of the way I remember records being years ago. There weren’t just a few good tunes to jump around to. Instead, listening to the record was an emotional journey. That’s how I knew a record was good, because it made me feel that way. That’s exactly what you have done here, Tara!" —A.G.


"Your album is truly fantastic. You should be very proud of your vision as an artist and aware of your talent." —Stephen R.


"A breath of fresh air! What can you say about a singer such as Tara that is so versatile, with so much soul and elegance. 'Ready to Give You Love' is fresh and new, but takes the listener back to the golden 70's when creativity abounded!" —J. Beam